Educational Facilities

                        ICT skills are a vital part of our school culture and we have multiple computer labs for students to expand their skills and knowledge in this area.     
Our senior library which is one of three libraries around Sekolah Bogor Raya.         
            Learning by doing in one of our three cutting edge laboratories in Building 3
Our Hydroponics Farm teaches our students about urban farming and the science behind hydroponics. We also sell produce to parents which helps our students eat nutritious foods as part of their diet.                            

Physical Education Facilities


                 The newer of our two covered basketball courts. This one is located on the 5th floor of building 3. 
The larger of our two swimming pools is used for P.E, training and swimming competitions.         
                   A large (800m2) hall for indoor sports and major events, competitions, concerts, and theatre.
Two large international-standard fields are provided to ensure that students can exercise during their lunch and recess times and learn sports during PE Lessons.